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Discovering Wellness offers live and dry blood analysis kits to those who don't live close enough to visit the office in person.
Live and dry blood cell analysis is carried out by placing a drop of blood from the patient’s fingertip on a microscope slide under a glass cover slip. The slide is then viewed at high magnification with a light-field, dark-field microscope with phase contrast that forwards the image to a television monitor. Both practitioner and patient can then see the blood cells, which appear as dark bodies outlined in white.
The practitioner may videotape the procedure for himself and/or the patient. The results are then used as a basis for recommending supplementation such as, vitamins, minerals, detoxing protocols, herbs, homeopathic remedies and other natural supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle changes.

​Blood Analysis is a simple procedure for obtaining an accurate assessment of your blood. With only a sample, taken virtually without pain from your finger, the test is able to provide a composite of over 25 aspects from your live and dry layer blood. Light and dark-field microscopy now allows us to observe multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness, arteriosclerosis, heavy metals, hormonal and thyroid imbalances, anemia, parasitic infestation, bacterial, viral and fungal activity, organ stress, inflammation, poor digestion, leaky gut, dirty colon, blood and lymphatic congestion and stagnation, mal-absorption, malnutrition, aggregation and clotting and overall stress in the system.

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106 reviews
  • Kelaiah Daws·

    It’s always a gift to go to our apts at Discovering Wellness. Rachelle is the BEST! She genuinely cares and has played a massive role in my healing journey. I’m forever grateful for her heart, wisdom, and expertise!

  • Nancy Leffelman·

    Rachel is the best! My husband and I have been seeing her for over a year. She explains everything so well and has such a positive approach. We are feeling better and better and the products are amazing.

  • Deana Bingham·

    It is always nice to know your health coach has your best health at the heart of everything she does. She is kind and caring. I recommend her to everyone I know.

  • Diane·

    If it had not been for Dr. Kimberly and Rachelle, I would not have found out about what is going on in my body. Anyone can always count on the expertise of Discovering Wellness to help them feel better!

  • Tara Farnsworth·

    Its hard to believe that I've been seeing Rachelle for over 2 years now and I've never felt better! I just love her one on one approach and her incredible attention to detail. Being able to review each session is nice to be able to see the progress. Her recommendation for Bioti is really making a difference and I know this will get better and better over time. If you want to improve your health Discovering Wellness is your first step!

  • Christopher Johnsey·

    Always a pleasure visiting Discovering Wellness. Never had any disappointment with my experiences there. Staff is loving and genuinely cares for me and my family. Highly recommended!

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